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So there has been news that Windows Phone 7.8 would be made available today at a certain time.

When the time hit, Zune reported no updates… I decided to give the “Disconnected Internet” trick a shot. and BAM an update is available! Right now I’m going to OS Version 7.10.8779.8 but I’m assuming this is a prerequisite for Windows Phone 7.8.


To force the update:

1) Turn off cellular data, and Wifi on your Lumia 900.

2) Connect to Zune, check for updates. It won’t detect one.

3) Change to a different tab other than update in the settings.

4) Disconnect phone, then reconnect it.

5) Now, get ready. You will need to hit the “Update” button and unplug the network cable from your computer exactly 2 seconds after hitting this button. It will present an update is available!

6) Reconnect internet, then hit Update!

7) Now update!

8) Repeat a few times, I’ll post how many updates there are below!


You will need to perform this a bunch of times to make sure that all the prerequisite updates and 7.8 itself gets installed! I’m updating this post as I’m performing this! If you don’t have luck, keep trying! I think the update servers are getting hammered pretty hard, so this may have an effect on plugging the internet at the right time!

First Update (to):

Second Update (to):

Third Update (to):

I’ve had to perform the trick over 10 times to get these 3 updates! Keep trying if it doesn’t work.

Description for the 3rd update looks like it is Windows Phone 7.8. I’ve embedded a screenshot below:

Update for Lumia 900 on Rogers using Zune Disconnect Trick. Third update is 7.10.8858.136

Update for Lumia 900 on Rogers using Zune Disconnect Trick. Third update is 7.10.8858.136


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  1. Heyyy… Thanx a lot buddy… I’ve updated my Samsung OMNIA W I-8350 using your help.. first it shows 8778.9 and then 8785 and finally it showed 8858.136 as update… :)

  2. Amazing … worked after about 5-6 tries … but it was all worth it …

    Thanks a lot !!!

  3. using a htc radar, tried the steps as mentioned above but couldnt update.. its been 2hours till now.. frustrated.. help required.. when i disconnect network it gives ” can’t check for updates right now – 80072EFF” if i am disconnecting late it shows ” your phone is up to date”. i have tried all 4, 5, 6, 7 seconds.. no go :(

  4. Absolutely amazing. Works quite well. Thanks Stephen!

    On my system I had to wait about 3-4, maybe 5 seconds.

    Also, I found that I didn’t have to physically disconnect the phone between attempts — which saves time if you’re retrying over and over.

    Here’s my method…

    On the Zune settings page, click on “Name Your Phone” (but, don’t change the name), and then click back to “Update” — wait the 3-4 seconds and then disconnect the network cable. Once disconnected, you may have to wait up to 12-15 seconds for the result, which says “An update is available for your phone.” :-)

    If you are too quick in disconnecting, the “Checking for updates…” will ultimately time-out, and you will get a message “Can’t check for updates right now. Please try again later”. –> that means you need to wait longer before disconnecting the network cable. Try again.

    If you are too late in disconnecting, it will tell you “Your phone is up to date.” –> that means you need to disconnect the network cable sooner. Try again.

    Be patient, it works.

  5. I am not able to do force update to my Samsung Omnia W. Is there any other way to do it?

  6. I’ve tried it, but it doesn’t work, i don’t know if it works in Chile-Latinoamerica…
    My phone is new, it’s a Lumia 710, does anyone have one to know if it works in every kind of phone?
    Thank you…. I really want to update it, because everytime I check for updates it says it’s ok.


  7. when it’s updating, phone info will be delete it?
    I mean I will lost everything??

  8. Hi Earthfusion,

    If you do it this way, you won’t lose anything. It does the normal upgrade (it even takes a backup of your phone) :).

    As for Caro, if it keeps saying it’s up to date, then chances are you aren’t unplugging the internet fast enough…


  9. I can confirm that it works on a Lumia 610. Worked on 1st attempt. All I did was to disable the network adapter on my PC after about 2 seconds.

  10. Hi All

    Along with three updates i have received Nokia update for windows phone. what is it ?


  11. LG Optimus7 European unlocked model. Works as expected, though it is difficult to get the correct timing. In my PC it seems there are two different possibilities. Some times it takes about 15 seconds to check for updates. If that is the case you have to unplug the network at ~13 seconds. Some other times it takes only 5 seconds. In that case its somewhere between 2 to 3 seconds. Thank you for the post. Really appreciated.

  12. It worked for my omnia w in india!!

  13. works !!! tried it on the samsung omnia w from bangalore… works !!! for the first update.. fingers crossed.. also yeah u dont need to physically remove the device as mentioned in one of the comments above… THANKS

  14. It took me along time, but it actually all worked for my HTC Mozart.

  15. Got it to work well once I read a few comments. Once I got an idea of how many seconds my system took to tell me my lumia 900 was up to date, I severed my internet connection a little less than two seconds before I would have got the update message. Only had to repeat two or three times between each update.

  16. Thanks buddy. I was first a bit sceptical, but it sure did work! So, BIG thanks to you.

    However, I must comment that it should not be this difficult to execute a simple update on your mobile. Thus Nokia (and be aware, I am a Finn), please get your act together and fix the apparent bug in Zune. Not good…

  17. Wow, it really worked! thanks bro!!

  18. Ive tried and got only upto 7.10.8779.8 stage…..
    do I need to disconnect reconnect setps for each stages of the forced updates??

  19. Hi Paul,

    For every update, you needs to repeat all steps.


  20. thnks a lot got all the updates installed sucessfully 😀

  21. I am so eager to try this trick…I would like to ask though…Can anyone provide feedback on 7.8’s functionality? Are you hitting those live tile issues…Is the OS as crisp and responsive as 7.5?

    Any feedback on the 7.8 experience (particularly AT&T Nokia Lumia 900) would be greatly appreciated!

  22. to15 Veronica Lario, ur method worked for me.

    PS guys, actually u dont need to physically disconnect the network cable, disabling it in network connections manager works pretty well.

  23. I tried this but since the update check only takes 3 seconds its kind of hard to time it. anyone else on Rogers (Canada) manage to get the upgrade?

  24. Rogers Canada… had 7.8, had bug for MMS on T-Mo, finally got the Network Setup app, that caused more problems, no more WiFi sharing and had to frequently restart to get MMS.

    Finally put on Telcel LTE firmware which sent me back to 7.5.

    However… cannot do the update to 7.8 in any way shape or form. I think MS may have pulled it.

  25. Funciona muito bem . . . .
    vc so precisa acertar o momento de desligar o cabo da internet, esse tempo varia conforme a velocidade da sua internet, no meu caso entre 10 e 15 segundos.

  26. thanks, Stephen. It worked on my lumia 900 in Australia after just a few attempts. I was wondering how this trick works and why Zune cannot update it automatically. NOKIA website fools everyone saying “the availability of this update may depend on your network service provider”. Luckily, I found your blog. Thanks again. :)

  27. do we need to login to zune using Hotmail/outlook id before following this process?

    I am unable to update my Omnia W.

  28. Yahooooo! Wreszcie działa… POLAND T-Mobile Lumia 900 GOOOOD!

  29. Thank u All. Last night I have updated my Lumia 610 Successfully. One IMPORTANT NEWS. Microsoft as launched new update recently it is, 7.10.8862.144 which fixes live tile bug issue. As of now my Lumia 610 working fine with Windows 7.8 update. I am from INDIA.

    Guys, Please post ur windows 7.8 experience,, if any bugs are there? I am happy n Worrying too as I don’t know whether it has any bugs.. :) 😀

  30. There has to be a better way to do this, I only get “Can’t check for updates…” or “Your phone is up to date..”. No joy.

  31. i got error while updating lumia 800 to 7.10.8373.12
    i tried hard reset but same error
    what should i do ?

  32. Guys anybody tried 8862 update released on march 14th? I tried till 8858 and updated my phone 3 times in total to get it. No need to disconnect your phone. My phone Samsung Omnia W from India

  33. From Portugal i have updated to 7.10.8862.144 my Samsung Omnia W called GT-I8350.
    Many Thanks

  34. i spen da whol night fo gettin tis wp7.8, tanks…gudnyt all, its 4:30am….WP rock\m/

  35. Thanks so much! It took a few tries but worked on my Luma 900 which is locked to Rogers in Canada, thanks again!!

  36. Hi Stephen

    Thanks for the heads-up. this worked for me – albeit the “waiting period” before the disconnect I found on the first time was 2 seconds, with the last update was about 4 seconds.

    How did you figure this one out, this must be a bug in the Zune software.

    Anyhow – thank you for assisting us progressing to 7.8.


  37. Thank you for this awesome tip! I am from the Philippines and I have been waiting since January to update my Lumia 800’s WP7.5 to WP7.8. I had to do the process 30-40 times to get all the updates but it’s all worth it! :)

    I love my new Lumia 800 running WP7.8 (OS Version 7.10.8862.144)!!! And I got a new phone case from London which really made it look new! Yay!!

    – Jhen

  38. Thanks for this post. I have update my lumin 610 by disconnecting internet wifi during checking for update.

  39. i successfully updated my samsung omnia w to 7.8 (7.10.8862.144). only possible in india with that partiular trick,,……thanks admin

  40. works in Egypt too, stupid Zune, love the software though

  41. Perfect. Worked in the uk lumia 900 sim free. Appears that the first pre requisite download is almost a flood gate. Once i had that one by the time the phone had done its reset and told me to disconnect it was advised another download was available. The final step after the final window 7.8 now appears to be nokias firmware update as well.

    Many thanks for the article. Big help to everyone i think

  42. my phone omnia w – phone gives error “Can’t check for updates right now” “80072EFF” Please contact me and help me :( https://www.facebook.com/enginyildirim1987

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