Apr 212010

I’m a big fan and a sworn user of the Windows Mobile technologies. I’ve been using Windows Mobile (or Windows CE) since Microsoft released the first “Red E Smartphone”.

I’ve been through many phones including the Motorola MPX220, RedE Smartphone, an iPaq hw6955, numerous i-mate phones, and now I’ve been rocking an Xperia X1 for the past 2 years.

Recently got a corporate account setup with Rogers Wireless in Canada, and had 3 new Xperia X1s shipped out (kept my old as a spare).

Here’s a list of MUST HAVE applications for your Xperia X1 (or any other Windows Mobile phone):

  1. This is a Windows Mobile Twitter application. Works great!

  2. AGE phone is a SIP client (VoIP) for Windows Mobile. In the past few years and versions there has been a lot of development put into it. Again it works great!

  3. Make sure you install the “Windows Mobile Marketplace” to make sure you get the latest version of this application. Works great! Supports direct uploading of pictures and videos, commenting on status, browsing images, etc…

  4. Google Maps is a MUST HAVE. This sucker is great for directions, location, satellite images, etc… The newest versions support “Latitude” which is Google’s idea to help you track the location of your friends!

  5. This is another application available for free on the “Windows Mobile Marketplace”. A lot of providers are offering IM services either through web interface or their own custom application. This application was designed by Microsoft, and works great! (Supports voice clips too).

  6. Opera Browser – http://m.opera.com

    The Opera browser rocks for those websites that you are having trouble viewing in Internet Explorer Mobile.

  7. Qik is a mobile video streaming application which allows you to either stream live video from your phone to anyone in the world with a flash capable web browser. It also records the videos and puts them on your account so users can view past videos you have created.

  8. Skype for Windows Mobile allows you to use most of the Skype features EXCEPT Video calling. On the Xperia X1, voice calls actually play out of the headset as if you were making a normal call.

If you have an Xperia X1, make sure you also check out the Sony Panels. They have numerous Panels for Skype, Windows Live, Facebook, etc… That work great!

Remember that with any application you use on your phones, that they can always incur costs on your data plan. Make sure you have a decent data plan and monitor it to make sure you do not go over the limit.

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