Apr 242010

Noticed quite a bit of traffic coming in from people searching for this so I thought I would post it…

Below are the settings for the Xperia and Windows Mobile phones for MMS and Internet:

Generic Internet:

APN: internet.com

User: blank

Pass: blank

VPN Connect (Settings if you pay for the VPN option):

APN: vpn.com

User: blank

Pass: blank

MMS Settings:

For MMS, create a data connection (cellular 3G) for your “Work Connection”.

APN: media.com

User: media

Pass: mda01

Then go to your text messages, hit “Menu” at the bottom right. Select “MMS Options…”. Select the servers tab at the bottom of the screen. Select New.

Server Name: Rogers MMS


Port: 80

Server Address: http://mms.gprs.rogers.com/

Connectvia: My Work Network (This is the connection you configured above)

Send Limit: 300K

WAP Version: WAP 2.0

And that’s it!

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  1. Need advise on my xperia x1. the default browser do not open pages while 3rd party browser works. pls help tanx

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