May 302010

I think Canada needs to go “Unlimited”!

Does anyone remember those days where Fido had the “Unlimited” data plan in Canada? I had that option on one of my phones way back, and I was grandfathered in even after they removed the service. It was purely awesome!

Those days were excellent! I could drive around, surf the internet on my laptop… Whenever I’m mobile I’m not a big bandwidth junky, however I do like to have freedom, and I don’t like to worry about receiving a $5,000 phone bill.

I lost this freedom some time ago when I changed accounts. Since then I’ve been stuck at 5GB. I’m not a penny pincher, but if I were to go over that allotted 5GB the extra billing charges would end up in the thousands!

I’m not too sure how many of you are aware, but in the US they actually have real “Unlimited” plans. These plans just don’t stop at data, for most services you can actually sign up for unlimited (usually doesn’t include roaming or long distance outside of the US) and really have unlimited (local calls, data, text, picture messaging, etc…) for dirt cheap pricing.

Why don’t we have anything like this in Canada? Why do we only have 1 GSM provider, 2 CDMA providers? WHY DON’T WE HAVE UNLIMITED DATA???

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