May 302010

Well, with the recent release of the Apple iPad, I found myself going to Apple’s site this morning to check out pricing, functionality, etc…

Not that money is an issue, but this is one pricey little piece of machinery, with all the hype I’ve been hearing in the news, I thought for sure Apple would have made a feature set that really puts a bang for a buck. As much as they probably did design this for the consumer, I was curious about how it could fit in to the business life of a young professional.

I quickly jumped on YouTube, and searched for iPad reviews. I’m not going to go into too much detail as to what I saw, but here’s a quick list of pros and cons (this is personally MY opinion).


-Handheld tablet, excellent battery life

-That’s it?


-iPhone/iPod interface

-The interface is designed for your typical non-technical monkey, I feel trapped in these interfaces (you could call it technical Closter phobia).

-I still have yet to find out the difference between this, and a giant sized iPod Touch! It’s funny that my spell check keeps mistaking iPad for iPod! hahaha

Anyways! Some time ago, I heard about the possibility of a Microsoft Tablet. Keep in mind I’m a HUGE fan of exchange, ActiveSync, and some of the work Microsoft is doing with their Enterprise Software Suites (their Unified Messaging, work with VoIP, etc…). The only phone I will ever use is a Microsoft Windows Mobile based phone.

I was looking forward to a tablet from Microsoft that allowed you to collect notes during those long meetings, have it sync up with Exchange/Outlook, organize it inside of some new piece of software with a crazy interesting codename only to later jump on your desktop computer, review the notes, and use them to plan the next big project. I was looking forward to a device that allowed the professional to be totally connected with summaries of information available as his/her fingertips that he or she would normally have on their computers. I could go on and on, but from what I hear, the project has been canceled.

What happened Microsoft? I know you have your reasons, but you had me so excited!

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