Aug 232010


Received my FREE (yes free) HP Mini 210 today from HP BlueCarpet (rewards program for HP Partners for selling stuff). I have to say this device is SHAWEET. Way better than my Acer One.

Anyways, to cut to the chase, I’ve got info, I’ve reviewed every service manual, and PDF doc there is. I beleive I can get 3G running on this puppy using the PROPER equipment (utilizing the built in SIM slot, all HP).

Two seperate things are required. HP 3G/HSPA/HSDPA/GSM modem, and the WWAN antennas to be mounted in the display. I’m ordering the parts soon, I’ll post a how to and keep you updated on my progress.

And this device is definitely worth a review (it’s amazing)! Keep posted for that as well.

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    Did you go through with this?

    Could you please tell me where I might be able to buy the HP 3G/HSPA/HSDPA/GSM modem?


  2. Hi Mark,

    I actually didn’t bother, I ended up getting one of those USB HSPA+ modems for free from my cell provider so I’ve just been using that.

    Turns out that once you install the module in to the system, you have to buy a new LCD assembly. You don’t have to replace the LCD itself, but just the plastic housing around. The LCD housing on the models that don’t have the modem don’t actually have an antenna, and/or antenna mounts. Whereas the other housing (that I would have had to purchase) actually does have the antenna for the 3G modem built in, and wiring to hook up to the card.

    I’ve got the two part numbers numbers required (both for the modem and the LCD housing assembly), I just need to dig them up from old e-mails. I’ll see if I can find them and post them up…


  3. so, how is the end of project? did you success implanting gsm module and antenne? you didn;t finish your article yet. hp should stop giving you device then since you are not finishing the article… LOL

  4. Hey Arya,

    Unfortunately I never had time to work on the project… I already have another laptop with a data card and rarely use it… Didn’t feel like activating another data plan, etc…

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