Oct 042010

For the first time I decided to test compability of non-hp branded drives inside of the HP MSA20 array.

First I installed a 500GB SATA2 Seagate drive I had laying around. It detected it perfectly and is working.

The ACU on CentOS 5.5 shows as follows:

Logical Drive
Status    OK
Drive Number    1
Size    476908 MB
Fault Tolerance    RAID 0
Heads    255
Sectors/Track    32
Cylinders    65535
Strip Size    128 KB
Array Accelerator    Enabled
Disk Name    /dev/cciss/c0d0

I also just populated another bay with a Seagate 2TB SATA2 drive I just found, and it works aswell. ACU reports as follows:

Physical Drive
Status    OK
Drive Configuration Type    Unassigned
Size    2000.3 GB
Drive Type    SATA
Model    Seagate ST32000542AS
Serial Number    XXXXXXXX
Firmware Version    CC34

Keep in mind that no matter what size of drive you have, there is a 32-bit SCSI LUN limitation of under 2TB (I don’t know exactly what it is). Although you can create large arrays, your logical drives will not be able to go over this limitation.

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  1. Glad to see that you were successful setting up MSA20 with 12 2TB sata drives.
    I am trying to setup 12 sata drives but can not create more than 5 raid 0 logical drives , creating the 6th logical drive error out with error “NO-Drives”.. even the offline acu crashes when i have more than 5 drives in array
    I have MSA20 connected to 6404, all with current firmware..
    Any guidance would be extremely appreciated..

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