Dec 152010

Wow! What a friggin waste…

I install the WordPress app for my Windows Phone 7 off the marketplace. The app looks CRAZY cool, allows me full control over my blogs, comments, posts, approving, etc…

Anyways, I actually just wrote a SUPER long blog post on the phone and tried to post it. In the post I was going to mention how cool the app was until 1) I found out you couldn’t type in landscape rotated mode (which is a pain in the ass for someone with big fingures like me), and 2) Auto-correction, grammaer, and spelling is disabled for posts, hard to keep up with abbreviation.

So here I am spending some time dealing with these stupid problems, I finish writing a HUGE blog post on my phone, I hit post, and BAM, it posts a BLANK article on my blog. I came on my computer to write what happened to avoid someone from doing the same. I’ll never get those 5 minutes back.

It’s still a cool app though, check it out. Just don’t plan on blog posts actually being posted! lol

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