Mar 092012

Well, for some time I haven’t been able to have my Samsung Focus (SGH- I917 Windows Phone 7) automatically sync over Wi-Fi when on AC power. It should connect after 10 minutes and sync if setup properly.

When it does try to connect, Zune opens on the computer and presents this error: “Connection Error – Can’t connect to your phone. Disconnect it, restart it, then try connecting again.”. Unfortunately I have done this over 400 times over a span of 4 months each time failing.

This is an extremely convenient feature to have, especially if you have a Zune Pass and download music on both your WP7 device, and your computer. Having it sync overnight when the phone is plugged in while sleeping just rocks.

I finally decided to set aside some time to resolve the issue. Tried numerous things like reconfiguring the Wireless Sync, deleted everything off the phone, etc… with absolutely no luck.

FINALLY TO RESOLVE I just went to the sync settings for the phone and selected “Forget this phone”, then after that re-configured the sync partnership. Unfortunately it duplicated all my pictures and videos on both the computer and the phone (some stuff had 3 copies and my WP7 pic folder on my computer almost tripled in size). After this (I made sure I had everything backed up), I deleted all Music, Pictures, Videos, Zune content off the phone, and set Zune up to sync nothing, I then reconfigured my Sync’ing preferences (re-setup music, pictures, etc…). MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP OF YOUR WP7 PICTURE FOLDER, when I told it not to sync, it actually deleted it off the computer.


Short Instruction:

1. Backup your WP7 Picture/Video Sync folder on your computer (The folder that contains Pictures and Videos you take).

2. In Zune, Select “Forget this phone” under the phone’s sync properties.

3. Reconnect phone, create new sync partnership. If no duplicates of Pictures/Videos exist, configure wireless sync and your done.

4. If you experience duplicates of “Camera Roll” and “Saved Pictures”. Delete them off the phone and computer, sync, and restore from backup, sync, and finally configure wireless syncing.

And you’re done!


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