May 032012

Since I’ve been using Windows Phone since it’s release, I’ve heard of something called “Local Scout” that a lot of American’s talk about, but yet it’s not on my Rogers Windows Phone. I’ve tried searching for the app, info, etc… only to find that it’s not available in Canada.

Here’s a neat little hack to enable “Local Scout” that I figured out:

1) Go to “Settings”, then “Region+Language”.

2) At the very bottom (and you only need to change this one setting), change “Browse & search language” to “English (United States).

3) Get out of settings, go to your home screen with your Tiles and hit the “Bing” button, you should now notice 4 buttons at the bottom, one of the new ones being “Local Scout”.


Have Fun!

And P.S. doing this also enables scanning bar codes and books. Interesting to scan a UPC code and find info on the product!

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