Jun 172012

I was just watching the Canadian television show “Continuum” and noticed something very interesting. Half way through the episode, a character shows video footage off a tablet… What does this tablet have? The Windows logo as a back-lit button!

On the eve of two major announcements both from Microsoft and Nokia, could this be a marketing/advertising blitz?

Windows Tablet on Continuum show

Windows Tablet on Continuum show #2









I’m taking credit for spotting this!

  6 Responses to “Windows Tablet on Continuum TV Show – July 17th, 2012 – Eve before major MS and Nokia announcements…”

  1. Was it navigable by touch or gestures like Kinect?

  2. Not sure, from what I can remember last night she just tapped the screen and it started playing a video.

  3. looks like the old windows logo, so it must be a windows 7 tablet.

  4. Who knows! We’ll see 🙂

  5. Its quite clearly an Acer W500 Windows 7 tablet that was released in May 2011… Back lit windows key is in the right place for a W500. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  6. Hi Arp,

    Actually interesting enough, people have also said the tablet in the post resembles an Acer as well. If you saw the actual video of this thing being used, you’d agree it was neither 🙂

    Unfortunately I didn’t record the video, just snapped pics while it was paused!

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