Jun 282012

This is fantastic!

I heard that some users with a Nokia Lumia 900 on Rogers are getting the Tango update. Unfortunately I am not one of them, and I don’t want to force the update using the CAB push method because I don’t want to screw myself up for future updates.

However, back when everyone was waiting for Mango, someone found out you could use a “hack” to install Mango if you were waiting but it wasn’t approved. I CONFIRM THIS WORKS FOR TANGO ON ROGERS!

Here’s how I did it (I’m updating as I’m writing this):

1. Disable Wifi and Cellular Data

2. Connect to PC, open zune, settings, then phone, then update. It won’t find any, but you NEED to do this.

3. Change the tab (navigate away from Update). Now click on Update again, but disconnect your internet connection after 2 seconds. BAM an Update is available after waiting a few seconds!

4. Hook up internet and proceed!

5. There is more then one update (right now I’m on number 2). Repeat the instructions. I will post the total number of updates below.


UPDATE: First update is from 7.10.8107.79 to 7.10.8112.7. Then the second update moves you up to 7.10.8773.98.

All done, two updates in total. I am now running:

OS Version: 7.10.8773.98
Firmware Version: 2175.1002.8107.12084
Hardware Version: 112.1914.2.0
Radio Software:
Radio Hardware: 8055
Chip SOC version:

I STILL have the stupid purple screen on low brightness. and I STILL can’t download “Nokia Camera Extras”.


Disclaimer: You break anything by following my instructions it’s your fault. I’m just posting my experience.


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