Mar 152013

Well, woke up 10 minutes ago to find that my Nokia Lumia 900 notified me that new Windows Phone updates were available. Notification is for Windows Phone OS Version 7.10.8860.142 on my Canadian Rogers Branded Nokia Lumia 900.











I’ve tried using Google to find out what the update includes, however information is limited. After installing this update, another new update was also available and automatically started to install: OS Version 7.10.8862.144). Right now I’m just finishing up the second.

Windows Phone 7.10.8862.144










You’ll notice how the cancel button is usable on the first update, while it’s not on the second. I’d bet money on the fact that the second update is in fact a firmware update versus software update (or maybe both).

I’m thinking one of these updates contains bug fixes for the live tiles and other fixes, while the other may fix the Bluetooth Sharing app. Let me know if any of you notice any additional fixes/features. Happy Updating! I’ll update when I find things out and finish the updates.

UPDATE: Just finished installing both updates. Bluetooth sharing still does not work (says I have to do a update on the phone, however no more updates are available). Can’t confirm this fixes the Live Tiles “Issue” (I’ve never had the issue so I can’t comment).

  9 Responses to “Surprise Windows Phone 7.8 update (OS Version 7.10.8860.142 and OS Version 7.10.8862.144)”

  1. i got the update just 5 minutes ago and surprisingly i am from india though i got it so fast…

  2. can you please let me know the features of the new update?

  3. I just got the update and first 7.10.8860.142 and after that Zune told half an hour that “checking disc space… Don’t tough your Lumia 800…”. I had no time to wait, so I used my phone. Then I noticed on my phone, that “Update available” and Zune updated version 7.10.8862.144.

    I live in Finland.

  4. I’m from India. I got the update two days ago. But documentation about the update seems really scarce on the internet.

  5. I got update. What is the features are there in new updates.

  6. Ja też mam aktualizację na Samsung Omnia7, najpierw jedna i zaraz druga 7.10.8860.144.
    Jeszcze nie sprawdziłem co zawiera nowa aktualizacja. Polska

  7. are update compatible with nokia lumia 710??
    i scare to update went not compatible?

  8. I got it! But i don’t know what it is? I caome from china!

  9. I updated but still the bluetooth share does not work. It says that I have to update to the latest version using Zune… when I checked in Zune it says my phone is up to date…what can i do?somebody help

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