Feb 062015
Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band


Well, with this big work out mission I’ve been on lately, and with general love in technology, I finally decided to try and secure one of the Microsoft Band Watches.

These little devices are not only smart watches, but also fitness tracking devices.

Unfortunately I had to purchase mine at a premium on eBay since I’m in Canada, but I have to say it was worth it. I’ve been wearing the devices for two days and love it!


Here’s some of my impressions:

-Fits great (I got the large size). Originally I was concerned that I’d have issues with fitting (due to the general bulkiness look of the device as seen on online pictures). Also, I was concerned due to complaints from other users. The first time I put it on I could feel it, but since then I don’t even know I’m wearing it.

-Great information on life stats (heart rate, steps, calories burned, etc…).

-Looks stylish

-Battery life is superb

-Yes, it’s great for a normal watch

-Notifications are SLICK!!!! Calls, e-mails, texts. I don’t even need to whip my phone out to see who is calling me (this is a huge benefit to me)

-You can wear it screen out or screen in

-Forgetting the fitness aspects, there is totally a justified use in having this for the “smart” features alone.


Smart (non-fitness features):

-Easy to read texts, emails, etc… Keep in mind this is to give you an idea as to IF you need to pull out your phone, not to actually use it to read/respond to texts.

-Cortana works great! I talk to my watch, and my watch texts people (totally bad-ass).

-Calendar notifications on your watch.

-It tells time (I’m not joking, haha)

-All Windows Phone notifications appear on this device. This is great if you use 3rd party messaging apps, news apps, pretty much any type of app that creates Windows Phone notifications.


Fitness features:

-Workout tracking

-Running tracking

-Sleep tracking

-General life stat tracking

-Guided workouts (I doubt I’ll use this, but may end up trying it one day)


Things I’ve noticed:

-Since I’m in Canada, I had to set the region on my phone to the United States to install the Microsoft Health app. After installing you can set your region back and the app will stay. Don’t worry, you can choose your measurements so you can use English or Metric.

-I used it yesterday during my weightlifting workout. The stats provided mentioned I barely burned any calories and didn’t do much when in all reality I did A LOT. The readings were definitely incorrect. I believe this is due to my inner wrist and the device not being in contact with skin (under flexing, tendons pop out). I will test further by having the watch reversed on my next work out (screen on the inside vs outside).

-Step tracking is accurate

-Sleep tracking seems accurate. I’m a horrible sleeper and I noticed it did record 8 minutes of me sleeping when in fact I was awake, however for the most part it’s accurate.

-Will be trying the running tracker feature in a few hours. I’m REALLY looking forward to testing this out. Will be updating later.



-Buy it

-Use it

-Enjoy it