Jul 012010

So, ASG 8 was released to partners this morning on July 1st, 2010.

I was super stoked about this, especially with Astaro announcing that this version will take advantage of 64-bit support. Immediately I went to go download it.

Since I run a vSphere cluster, I went ahead and downloaded the Virtual Appliance. After installing, restoring the old v7 backup configuration file, I noticed that running “uname –a” didn’t report back that it was running a 64-bit kernel.
So after some time and a few e-mails to and from my partner rep, I went ahead and downloaded the software appliance .iso hoping that the installation would provide the option and I was correct.
So as of this article, if you want to get version 8 of ASG setup, do NOT download the virtual appliance. Create your own VM, and use the installation .iso available from Astaro.

One last note, if you are using a partner license, you may have to contact your partner rep since the partner licenses use the old licensing scheme. You MUST use a new license (that uses the new licensing scheme) to use your partner license on the Astaro Security Gateway Version 8.
I LOVE Astaro!

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