Jun 172012

I was just watching the Canadian television show “Continuum” and noticed something very interesting. Half way through the episode, a character shows video footage off a tablet… What does this tablet have? The Windows logo as a back-lit button!

On the eve of two major announcements both from Microsoft and Nokia, could this be a marketing/advertising blitz?

Windows Tablet on Continuum show

Windows Tablet on Continuum show #2









I’m taking credit for spotting this!

Mar 042012

I decided to take advantage of boxing day sales last Christmas and picked up the Logitech Z906 speaker system. Noticed these bad boys had a number of different types of audio input connectors so I went out and purchased a TOSLINK (Toshiba Fiber Optic audio) cable and hook it up to my computer that way. I’ve never played with a multi-speaker setup, nor fiber optic audio cables.

After getting everything unpacked and hooked up, I noticed that the computer could NOT send multi-speaker output unless the stream was dolby encoded. So all games, applications, and software that supported multi-speaker output could not take advantage of the speakers, UNLESS it used dolby audio.

In order to get multi-speaker working, I had to use the traditional set of 3-4 X  3.5inch stereo cables. When using this output, games (including Counter Strike), apps, etc… could now use the multi-speaker output.

Just thought I’d write this up in case it saves someone some time. I spend over a day trying to find out why I was having these issues. P.S. In the end, I still use TOSLINK as I find the audio quality way better, even though it is in fact just stereo (2 speakers).