Jul 312019
Rogers RCS on Samsung Galaxy S9+ Settings Screenshot Confirming RCS

This morning I had two surprises, the first being the not-so monthly security update, and the second being that the Samsung Galaxy S9+ messaging app showed a notification about turning on RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging.

So as of today, RCS messaging is officially enabled on Samsung Galaxy S9+ phones on Rogers in Canada. Please note that this option did NOT appear on other Samsung S8/S8+ phones on my corporate account, and only the S9+.

This function has also probably been enabled on newer Samsung Galaxy devices as well. Please leave a comment if you can confirm.

Turning on RCS

To turn on RCS, open the messaging app. You’ll notice a “notification bubble” on the three-dot menu button.

Click on this, going to “Settings”, you’ll be able to turn on what Samsung calls “Chat Service”. Tap on this, and it will have to register on the network (since RCS is a service provided by your cell network).

RCS Settings

Once you register RCS on the network, a new settings button will appear called “Chat Settings”.

Rogers RCS on Samsung Galaxy S9+ Menu Screenshot
Rogers RCS on Samsung Galaxy S9+ Menu

Once you go in to “Chat Settings” you’ll see the following options, confirming it is RCS.

Rogers RCS on Samsung Galaxy S9+ Settings Screenshot Confirming RCS
Rogers RCS on Samsung Galaxy S9+ Settings

As of right now I can’t really test this, because all the other phones on my corporate account are only S8+ or S8 variants. I also don’t know anyone that is currently using RCS, so I’ll have to wait to test it out.

Aug 152018

As of yesterday, Samsung Pay is now available in Canada on your Samsung Gear S3 (and Gear Sport) smartwatch. You’ll need to update the Samsung Gear up to the new Galaxy Wearable app to enable the feature.

Samsung Pay for Samsung Gear S3 and Gear Sport

For some time users have been frustrated that while Samsung Pay has been available in Canada on your mobile devices, it hasn’t been available on their Samsung Gear smartwatches. This is no longer the case. While it has been released, some users are still reporting issues when trying to activate, such as the “Watch is not supported” error.

To get it working:

  1. Make sure your firmware is up to date on your watch using the Samsung Gear app (or the new Samsung Wearable app).
  2. Make sure your app is up to date. Samsung Gear should update to the new name of Samsung Wearable.
  3. Open “Samsung Wearable”, scroll down and look for “Samsung Pay” on the “Info” or “Settings” tab. Tap on this.
  4. The “Samsung Pay (Plug-in) should now download. Wait for it to launch.
  5. When opening Samsung Pay in the Samsung Wearable app, you may receive the error “Watch is not supported”.
  6. Go to “About Gear” under the “Settings” tab, and perform a full manual backup of your Samsung Gear. As soon as this completed, I received the notification on my watch on how to configure Samsung Pay.
  7. Press and hold the “Back” button on the watch, and follow the instructions. The Samsung Pay app should then install on your Samsung Gear watch.

I swear by Samsung pay (and use it with a number of my cards and loyalty programs). It’s awesome that it’s finally been released in Canada!