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Picture of Stephen Wagner hiking in October 2019
Stephen Wagner – Hiking October 2019

Stephen Wagner is a Global Trusted IT Advisor and IT Consultant, Tech Blogger, IT Service Provider, and Entrepreneur. At 37 years old, he lives in Calgary, Alberta (Canada), and frequently spends time visiting Los Angeles, and Vancouver, and also travelling and attending conferences. He is also the President of Digitally Accurate, an IT Services Provider and has been in business for over 17 years.

Stephen’s affiliations include:

With over 23 years of experience in the IT industry, Stephen has assisted numerous organizations develop and execute their IT strategy since starting Digitally Accurate Inc. in July of 2006. Since 2016, Stephen has had a focus on providing specialized remote IT Consulting services for a number of platforms including VMware Horizon for VDI, VMware vSphere for Virtualization, HPE, and Microsoft.

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Stephen Wagner’s Biography:

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta (3rd generation), I’ve had the pleasure of also living in North Vancouver and Maple Ridge in British Columbia, before moving back home to Calgary.

I started out very young with technology. My father owned numerous Computer/I.T. companies over the years doing everything from business systems, to Point of Sale solutions. Growing up I had access to business hardware, software, and pretty much all the fun stuff that comes with it.

First memories I have go back to the days of Windows for Workgroup 3.11, NT 3.51, and Unixware around the age of 7. It was around this time that I really started my passion with computers and technology. I still remember how amazed I was when the NT 4.0 beta was released. I was fully building computers at this age (and my father was getting me to help with building systems and rolling them out to clients).

My main obsession was with networking. I found the premise of connecting computers to a large network and sharing information very fascinating, whether it was talking and chatting, sharing files and data, or playing multiplayer games. Around the age of 10 I was already wrapping IPX/SPX inside of TCP to play LAN games over the internet against other players, and had developed a thorough understanding of network technologies.

Shortly after this, my fascination with Linux started. I picked up my first copy of RedHat Linux 5.1 when I was 11 years old from a book purchased at a bookstore. And so began my dive in to the Linux world (I can’t tell you how many nights were spent doing live FTP installs over dial-up connections to get the latest versions of Linux).

Over the years I learnt about domains, active directory, clustering, and got more interested in business applications, infrastructure, and internet services.

Age 13 through 17 were spent learning about internet services, wireless services (and wireless hacking), bettering my knowledge of Linux, and more business infrastructure services. At 16 I could fully configure a Windows 2000 Advanced Server with all of the add-ons/roles enabled and configured (AD, Exchange, FTP, Telnet, Remote Installation services, DHCP, DNS, Clustering, etc…).

Around 17 years old I really started to dive in to Single Board Computing (using alternative architectures such as ARM and MIPS), and wireless technologies. I started off with a Soekris Net4801 board, doing remote PXE installations of RedHat Linux using PXE and NFS. I also picked up specialize wireless cards and specialized wireless antennas (learning about promiscuous mode on wireless cards, long range wireless links, and customization of wireless technologies to permit long range links). Over the years I also made it a hobby of installing/hacking Linux on everything I could (proprietary firewalls, Xbox, Wireless Access Points, etc…). I can’t verify this, but I think I was one of the first people to get the Redhat 9 distribution running on the First Generation Xbox.

Upon graduating high school in 2004, I initially was pre-accepted in to Electrical Engineering, however decided against immediately going to university so that I could get a job and save up beforehand.

My first big jump in to business was in 2004 as I was brought onboard with a major homebuilder as an I.T. Specialist.

During my time there, within 2 years I was promoted numerous times first to I.T. Coordinator, and finally to I.T. Manager. I managed over 80 workstations deployed across two offices (in Calgary and Edmonton), and over 20 sales centers split between the two cities. The technologies I implemented, managed, and supported included Windows Server 2003, Citrix, Terminal Services, SQL Server, and a number of Line of Business applications specific to the industry.

During this time, I fell in love with business and business I.T. infrastructure. After 2 years I resigned from my position to start my own IT Services business (at the age of 19).

Since then, I have provided I.T. Infrastructure services, solutions, and managed services for the SMB and enterprise markets, specializing in Virtualization, Line of Business applications, ERP/CRM solutions, Storage, Security, and I.T. Management.

My client base has expanded globally to include 6 countries, and I have helped over 100 companies develop, deploy, and maintain their IT strategies in the 14 years I’ve been in business.

I keep busy with work and typically start my day with the gym every morning at 3:30AM before getting to e-mails and calls with clients in eastern time zones.

For fun I also hike regularly, cycle, run, and love to travel! I also write and maintain this blog, and have been for over 10 years. This blog now averages around 140,000 unique visitors per month and I’ve met and keep in touch with tons of interesting people who frequent as readers.

The coolest thing ever is having strangers come up to me and tell me they’ve seen and read my blog on a regular basis! This happens on the street, when travelling, and also during business interactions. I appreciate all your support!


  • Computers (Windows, Linux, SBC)
  • Systems Integration (The beauty of systems and networks that are integrated and communicate)
  • Virtualization
  • Wireless Technologies (Device hacking, reverse engineering, long range links, open source hardware)
  • Single Board Computers (SBCs, SBC Development)
  • Mobile Platforms
  • All kinds of tech
  • Mountain and Road Biking
  • Gym and Exercise
  • Outdoors: Hiking, Running, Exploring
  • Electronica Music (House, Hard House)
  • Automotive (Daily driver is a 2015 Mercedes CLS63s AMG)



  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Main Phone)
  • Lenovo X13s (Windows-on-ARM)

Experienced with:

  • Infrastructure design, implementation and support
  • Solutions Architecture and design
  • Virtualization (vSphere 5.x, vSphere 6.x, Horizon View 7, Horizon 8, VDI, iSCSI, HP MSA 2040 SAN)
  • Desktop Virtualization (VDI)
  • Microsoft Azure (Azure AD Connect, Azure VPN to Corporate LAN)
  • Disaster Recovery (Tape Libraries, Disk Backup, special requirement backups for databases, etc…)
  • Branch office deployment
  • Wireless Point to Point (Linking buildings)
  • Wireless Point to Multi-Point (Warehouse wireless)
  • Linking multi-sites using fiber optics
  • Line of Business Implementation and Integration (Accounting, Estimating, Purchasing, Scheduling, etc…)
  • Remote Access Solutions (Linking multiple branch offices to HQ, or remote access for employees from home)
  • Mobile Devices (Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Blackberry Enterprise Server)
  • Workstation Management Technologies
  • IT Workflow and IT Support Development/Management
  • Line of Business Applications (Directional Drilling, Home Sales, Shop Management)

Software Implementation, Integration, and Support Experience:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 (and Server Core), 2019 (and Server Core), Server 2022 (and Server Core)
  • Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS2008, SBS2011)
  • Microsoft Exchange Server (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2016)
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • VMware vSphere, ESXi, Horizon View, VDI
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection (and Protection Suite)
  • Symantec Mail Security for Exchange
  • Sophos UTM and XG Firewalls
  • Simply Accounting
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Sage Software
  • Timberline Accounting and Estimating
  • BuilderMT Construction Management
  • Zybertech HomeFront
  • Citrix
  • Lio-Target iSCSI
  • Embedded Linux development
  • Halliburton Landmark Compass, WellPlan, EDM
  • Shoptech E2

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  14 Responses to “About Stephen Wagner”

  1. Hey Stephen,

    Could you please leave a post about sharepoint 3.0 and the configuration that goes with it?

    I was told that it it pretty simple but it can also cause many problems…


  2. Are you planning a SharePoint implementation? Currently implementing it, or running in to trouble?


  3. Hey Stephen,

    Just checking in to see how everything has been since we chatted back in October?

    Summer has finally arrived!


  4. Alex, shoot me off an email. im replying to this from my phone. We’ll chat there! Hope all is well…

  5. can you send me this file below or upload to some where and let me know the link. it is no longer on the manufacturer website. thanks
    git clone git://risingtidesystems.com/lio-core-backports.git lio-core-backports.git

  6. Hey Stephen,
    I really appreciate your effort to post all this info and it is of real value. I was amazed how many similarities in the configuration of servers and SAN system I am going to do here are the same with what you described in your blog. Is just like you are writing my exact thoughts and words. I’d like to have your email and Skype ID so we can chat and maybe help me on building this project up.
    Thanks again,

  7. Hi Romeo,

    I sent you off an e-mail!


  8. Hello Stephen,

    I am experienceing some issues trying to configure similar hardware (SAN and HP Servers) as youu described above.

    2 x HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9 Servers – both with 2 x 300GB SAS HD on a HP Smart Array P440ar Controller (firmware 1.18)

    1) How do I configure the storage controller? Only option appears to be via the HP Provisioning tool.

    Even so, the the vsphere install does not detect the drives..


  9. Stephen,

    Thanks for your email where you brought to my attention the HP ESXi installer..

    I tried it and it work like a charm…

    Thanks a million…

  10. Hello stephen,
    I really appreciate all your articles about SAN and Virtualization, you make very hard work!
    I need an help to connect an MSA 1040 Dual controller (equipped with 4x10Gb DAC Cables) to two IBM x3650. I need to migrate from an old DS4700 to the new MSA 1040. In your opinion, is it possible to install the HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 530SFP+ on the IBM x3650 and then connect it the the HP SAN? Infrastructure is Vmware Esx.

    Thanks for your help

  11. Hi Paolo,

    Unfortunately I can’t confirm or deny if the 560SFP+ will work in the IBM server.

    However, getting away from “best practice” it should if the server has the proper PCIe slot, but I can’t 100% garauntee that.

    If the server detects, accepts, and can use the card, then you should be able to connect to the SAN without any problems (as long as the MSA 1040 has the iSCSI controllers).


  12. Stephen,
    thanks for your very comforting answer !!
    I thought it was the easiest way to migrate all the data to the MSA.
    Yes, MSA 1040 is equipped with iSCSI controller model is E7W03A


  13. Hi Stephen,
    for the moment I’m frustrated with HPe. I got a used MSL2024 with very old firmware (5.70) for a small office with very low budget. Without entitlement no chance to get a newer one. I read your blog about the MSL2024. So hopefully you have a newer one an can give it to me?

    Kind regards

  14. Hi Oliver,

    I’m sorry, but unfortunately you need to have entitlement to download the latest firmware. This is typically provided by having active support coverage on the unit.

    I’m not sure, but you might be able to call HPe and pay for a support session in which they may (this is only a possibility) provide you with updated firmware.

    Unfortunately I cannot provide anyone with firmware as this would go against my partnership with HPe.


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