Sep 232019

Looking for me to review your technology product? Feel free to reach out to discuss! I love new tech, blogging about it, and helping others with it!

On a case by case basis, I may like to review or write up a post on your product. I regularly review or write about servers, storage (SAN, DAS, NAS), virtualization (VDI, Server Consolidation), virtualized GPUs, mobile devices, laptops, and more!


This blog receives over 100,000 unique visitors per month, and most articles and posts tend to get ranked extremely high with search engines in multiple countries (especially the United States and Canada).

Our typical audience is IT professionals (both technical and decision makers), along with product manufacturers, vendors, and IT support companies.

I also regularly engage with and assist readers numerous times per day, regarding the content on the blog and products I post about.

An Example

As an example, my review on the HPE MSA 2040 Storage array, posted on May 28th, 2015 resulted in 30,000-60,000 unique views per month obtained organically through Google. For over 3 years, my blog post ranked higher in Canada on Google, than the actual HPE product page.

Continuing on today, I still receive over 10,000 unique views per month on the post, as well as other related MSA posts I’ve completed since then.

Short-Term or Long-Term Reviews

Whether you’re looking for a short term review or long term review, I may be able to accommodate both. With the products I use on a regular basis, I continue to write and add content to my page regarding them if I incorporate them in to my daily use.

How to get in touch

Feel free to use the contact information on this blog, open a chat, or reach out to me via various social networks (Facebook, IG, LinkedIn). I’m always happy to chat!