Aug 232019
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Just a reminder to my readers that in addition to IT consulting services, I also provide emergency IT consulting services. I’m available weekends and holidays, and I’m also available to travel.

If you already haven’t figured it out (from all the links on my page), you can find out more information here, which includes what I provide, how billing works, my rates, and more.

Numerous readers have utilized my services in the past, and some do on a frequent and regular basis.

Remote IT Consulting

In a bind and need help fast? Feel free to reach out. I can connect remotely, provide assistance with issues, implementations, migrations, hardware, software, licensing, and pretty much anything that’s been discussed in this blog or relating to Information Technology.

On-Site IT Consulting Services

I’m also available for assistance on-site and in person, with the ability to travel. Have a remote site that has a major IT issue? Give me a shout!

Get in Touch

As mentioned before, click here for more information:

Don’t hesitate to reach out, even competitors have utilized my services!