Mar 152013

Well, woke up 10 minutes ago to find that my Nokia Lumia 900 notified me that new Windows Phone updates were available. Notification is for Windows Phone OS Version 7.10.8860.142 on my Canadian Rogers Branded Nokia Lumia 900.











I’ve tried using Google to find out what the update includes, however information is limited. After installing this update, another new update was also available and automatically started to install: OS Version 7.10.8862.144). Right now I’m just finishing up the second.

Windows Phone 7.10.8862.144










You’ll notice how the cancel button is usable on the first update, while it’s not on the second. I’d bet money on the fact that the second update is in fact a firmware update versus software update (or maybe both).

I’m thinking one of these updates contains bug fixes for the live tiles and other fixes, while the other may fix the Bluetooth Sharing app. Let me know if any of you notice any additional fixes/features. Happy Updating! I’ll update when I find things out and finish the updates.

UPDATE: Just finished installing both updates. Bluetooth sharing still does not work (says I have to do a update on the phone, however no more updates are available). Can’t confirm this fixes the Live Tiles “Issue” (I’ve never had the issue so I can’t comment).

Jan 302013

So there has been news that Windows Phone 7.8 would be made available today at a certain time.

When the time hit, Zune reported no updates… I decided to give the “Disconnected Internet” trick a shot. and BAM an update is available! Right now I’m going to OS Version 7.10.8779.8 but I’m assuming this is a prerequisite for Windows Phone 7.8.


To force the update:

1) Turn off cellular data, and Wifi on your Lumia 900.

2) Connect to Zune, check for updates. It won’t detect one.

3) Change to a different tab other than update in the settings.

4) Disconnect phone, then reconnect it.

5) Now, get ready. You will need to hit the “Update” button and unplug the network cable from your computer exactly 2 seconds after hitting this button. It will present an update is available!

6) Reconnect internet, then hit Update!

7) Now update!

8) Repeat a few times, I’ll post how many updates there are below!


You will need to perform this a bunch of times to make sure that all the prerequisite updates and 7.8 itself gets installed! I’m updating this post as I’m performing this! If you don’t have luck, keep trying! I think the update servers are getting hammered pretty hard, so this may have an effect on plugging the internet at the right time!

First Update (to):

Second Update (to):

Third Update (to):

I’ve had to perform the trick over 10 times to get these 3 updates! Keep trying if it doesn’t work.

Description for the 3rd update looks like it is Windows Phone 7.8. I’ve embedded a screenshot below:

Update for Lumia 900 on Rogers using Zune Disconnect Trick. Third update is 7.10.8858.136

Update for Lumia 900 on Rogers using Zune Disconnect Trick. Third update is 7.10.8858.136


Jun 292012

Great news for all your WP7/Exchange users out there…

With the latest release of the Windows Phone 7 operating system Tango (Version: 7.10.8773.98), they have officially fixed the bug regarding downloading attachments and e-mail from Exchange.

I can confirm the following is fixed on my Nokia Lumia 900 running Tango:

-FIXED: When tapping on an attachment to download, an error pops up saying: “Cannot download attachment”. This now works without any problems.

-FIXED: When searching for Outlook items on your server from your phone, you can see small portions of messages, however the rest of the message will not load when tapping “Download this message”. This has been fixed and now works great!


Thank you thank you thank you Microsoft. I’ve been dying for these to be fixed for a VERY VERY long time. I use this phone for work and NEED to see old e-mails. Thanks again 🙂

Jun 282012

This is fantastic!

I heard that some users with a Nokia Lumia 900 on Rogers are getting the Tango update. Unfortunately I am not one of them, and I don’t want to force the update using the CAB push method because I don’t want to screw myself up for future updates.

However, back when everyone was waiting for Mango, someone found out you could use a “hack” to install Mango if you were waiting but it wasn’t approved. I CONFIRM THIS WORKS FOR TANGO ON ROGERS!

Here’s how I did it (I’m updating as I’m writing this):

1. Disable Wifi and Cellular Data

2. Connect to PC, open zune, settings, then phone, then update. It won’t find any, but you NEED to do this.

3. Change the tab (navigate away from Update). Now click on Update again, but disconnect your internet connection after 2 seconds. BAM an Update is available after waiting a few seconds!

4. Hook up internet and proceed!

5. There is more then one update (right now I’m on number 2). Repeat the instructions. I will post the total number of updates below.


UPDATE: First update is from 7.10.8107.79 to 7.10.8112.7. Then the second update moves you up to 7.10.8773.98.

All done, two updates in total. I am now running:

OS Version: 7.10.8773.98
Firmware Version: 2175.1002.8107.12084
Hardware Version: 112.1914.2.0
Radio Software:
Radio Hardware: 8055
Chip SOC version:

I STILL have the stupid purple screen on low brightness. and I STILL can’t download “Nokia Camera Extras”.


Disclaimer: You break anything by following my instructions it’s your fault. I’m just posting my experience.


Jun 102012

For those of you who live in the U.S. or those in Canada who have enabled local scout and barcode scanning on your Windows Phone 7, here’s a neat little trick for you wine lovers!

Next time you’re at the liquor store and thinking about trying a new bottle of wine, or trying a different year of your favorite, hit your “Bing” button, hit the “vision” button, scan the UPC code and let “Bing! do it’s thing!”.

Almost all times you’ll be able to find information, reviews, tasting information, fun facts, even places to buy it cheaper or online! Cool stuff!

Jun 092012

Here’s something neat I came across today! I was wondering if any development had been done re: printing with the Microsoft Windows Phone. A quick google search came up with this app:

This app is called: Brother iPrint&Scan and it’s the coolest thing ever. It’s designed to interact with select Brother multifunction centers and your Windows Phone.


Right away after installing it, I was able to scan and print to and from my Brother MFC-9840CDW multifunction center. Unfortunately you can’t save or print PDFs, you’re just limited to scanning to your picture albums (quality is great), and printing from pictures or camera (quality was AWESOME printing).

Good Job Brother! It’s always nice to see companies embracing the future (and when I say future, I’m referring to Windows Phone 7).

Jun 062012

A surprise today, Nokia released an update for their U.S. AT&T customers who have a Nokia Lumia 900. This update resolves:

– Removes purple hue which affected the screen of some devices in low light conditions

– Enhanced sensitivity for proximity sensor performance

– Other minor adjustments and enhancements


I decided to see if I could get the update (I have a Nokia Lumia 900 on Rogers in Canada), however there were no new updates available in Zune. I went ahead and shot a tweet out to Nokia and got this answer:

Response from Nokia Regarding the purple hue issue














As you can see they responded and said: “unable to comment on future SW release plans for Canada but will reach out once we have any confirmed info.”

Looks like us Canada folk on Rogers will have to wait a while longer to get our Purple screen issue fixed!

This sucks…


UPDATE: Earlier that day, I tweeted Rogers, and they said that the update has nothing to do with them and it’s all in Nokia’s ballpark. Then today, I read that the update has been made available to Rogers, however they haven’t approved it. Love the conflicting information boys!

May 112012

I got a kick out of this. Yesterday someone decided to ask Siri what the best cell phone is.

Siri responded back saying it’s the Cyan color Nokia Lumia 900. How funny is that? Apparently since this hit the internet Apple has since changed the response to not advertise their biggest competitor!

Check out the original article and a screenshot of Siri’s answer over at wmppoweruser:

May 032012

Since I’ve been using Windows Phone since it’s release, I’ve heard of something called “Local Scout” that a lot of American’s talk about, but yet it’s not on my Rogers Windows Phone. I’ve tried searching for the app, info, etc… only to find that it’s not available in Canada.

Here’s a neat little hack to enable “Local Scout” that I figured out:

1) Go to “Settings”, then “Region+Language”.

2) At the very bottom (and you only need to change this one setting), change “Browse & search language” to “English (United States).

3) Get out of settings, go to your home screen with your Tiles and hit the “Bing” button, you should now notice 4 buttons at the bottom, one of the new ones being “Local Scout”.


Have Fun!

And P.S. doing this also enables scanning bar codes and books. Interesting to scan a UPC code and find info on the product!