About Me


Name: Stephen Wagner

Age: 28

Location: Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

Occupation: President of Digitally Accurate Inc. (also operating as D.A. Consulting)


-Computers (Windows, Linux, OSX)

-Wireless Technologies (Device hacking, reverse engineering, long range links, open source hardware)

-Single Board Computers (SBCs, SBC Development)

-Mountain Biking

-Electronica (House, Hard House)


(Not Completed)


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  7 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hey Stephen,

    Could you please leave a post about sharepoint 3.0 and the configuration that goes with it?

    I was told that it it pretty simple but it can also cause many problems…


  2. Are you planning a SharePoint implementation? Currently implementing it, or running in to trouble?


  3. Hey Stephen,

    Just checking in to see how everything has been since we chatted back in October?

    Summer has finally arrived!


  4. Alex, shoot me off an email. im replying to this from my phone. We’ll chat there! Hope all is well…

  5. can you send me this file below or upload to some where and let me know the link. it is no longer on the manufacturer website. thanks
    git clone git://risingtidesystems.com/lio-core-backports.git lio-core-backports.git

  6. Hey Stephen,
    I really appreciate your effort to post all this info and it is of real value. I was amazed how many similarities in the configuration of servers and SAN system I am going to do here are the same with what you described in your blog. Is just like you are writing my exact thoughts and words. I’d like to have your email and Skype ID so we can chat and maybe help me on building this project up.
    Thanks again,

  7. Hi Romeo,

    I sent you off an e-mail!


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