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Just a note for you guys. I was searching for this and it was incredibly hard to find out any information, so I thought I’d create something that could be easily indexed when searched for.


You try to upgrade the processor on a DL360 G5 to a Quad-Core processor and you receive the message:

“The revision of the Intel (R) 5000 series chipset on the system board does not support the installed processor type. System halted!”


There are two separate motherboards that were being shipped with the DL360 G5. The first version of the motherboard only supported 50xx and 51xx dual core Xeon processors. This version shipped with the earlier products.

The second version supported 54xx quad core Xeon processors.

Part Numbers:

412199-001 – Only supports 50xx and 51xx Dual-Core

436066-001 – Supports up to 54xx Quad Core Processors.

435949-001 – (Not Confirmed) Supports up to 54xx Quad Core Processors. (Updated March 22nd, 2011)

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  1. My first visit to your site, and I must say that everything on here is relevant to my current workload as a (finally!) independent service provider.

    Thanks for the great info! Like you stated, I couldn’t locate any relevant info on this problem when I popped in two 2.5Ghz quad cores into one of these servers.

    You saved me a lot of grief as I am now able to easily ID a spare box that does have the newer motherboard without trial and error.

    I will keep an eye one your site as you share some great insights.

    Thanks, Ed in Southern California.

  2. Great!

    I’m glad I could help! Good luck with the biz!


  3. Hi Stephen,

    great info. Thank you It was very helpful.

    Just wondering If I am to put in an 54xx Quad Core Processors into the DL360 G5.
    Can i used the same heat sink that is used by the current processor Duo-core 1.6ghz.
    Or do I need to get a new heat sink that is for the 54xx Quad Core Processors.

    Many Thanks


  4. Hi Eddy,

    No problem.

    I don’t know for sure, but technically the heat sink should fit. I’m not sure if it would be enough for the temperatures though. When I first discovered that some of the DL360’s couldn’t take the quad core procs, it was when I actually put in one into a DL360 that came up with the error. I used the heat sink off a dual-core for the Quad-core proc.

    Keep in mind this MAY or MAY NOT be enough for the temperatures of the quad core. If you try it out, keep a close eye on the temps to make sure you don’t fry anything.

    Keep in mind it’s always a good idea to use HP’s processor addition kits, they come with a processor and also a heat sink for the specific system you will be installing it in to.


  5. Hi Stephen

    Thanks for the advise. Wil keep you posted on any out come.


  6. Wow, VERY frustrating. If my 360’s weren’t 5 years old I would be barking at Customer Service that they sold us a product that was mis-represented. They should provide the proper system board that supports what their website claims…

    I will probably buy a couple of used 436066-001’s so I can make use of these new cpu’s I bought. Any thoughts on if it would be a direct replacement or will I need to consider anything else that might creep up while replacing it.

    Thanks for the info,


  7. Tell me about it… It took me forever to find this out! lol

    Anyways… I’m not sure but I don’t see why you can’t simply swap out the server mobos with the new ones. Just keep in mind that I don’t know if the RAID controller is built in, or simply a module that can be swapped, or that the embedded raid card is specific for each mobo…


  8. Glad I found your post when I google searched the error. Good point about the RAID controller. Other than that, I hope the chipset is similar enough so that Windows doesn’t freak out when I boot up after the swap. Will let you know how it goes. Got the board refurb for 199 shipped.

  9. All went well. Board swap was easy, and the boards I bought from Serversupply had the same RAID module so no issues there. Needed a Bios update to post with the new quad cores, but after that all was well. These will serve nicely as HyperV host boxes. Thanks again for your post.


  10. Yeah, it pretty misrepresenting when it comes to the G5 servers. Same thing with the DL380’s where the 407749-001 board takes only the Dual Core procs and the 436526-001 takes the Quad Cores

    HP Product Manager
    [email protected]

  11. Hi All,

    Need guidence. I plan to update the BIOS for HP DL360 G5 server so that it
    can recognised 54xx processor.

    The server now does not have any harddisk or OS intalled.
    Would like to know how can I perform the BIOS update, as what are the setups I need to do as I am completely new to bios update for server.
    Many Thanks for all your help.

  12. Hi Eddy,

    If the motherboard itself is actually one of the motherboards that can support it (one of the two part numbers listed above), and if it is simply just a BIOS update you need this should be fairly easy.

    HP has a “Firmware Maintenance” DVD. It is a simple ISO file you can download, burn to a CD and boot the server off of. This DVD will update various firmware on your HP Server (such as BIOS, RAID Controller, Drives, iLO, etc…).

    For the DL360 G5, the DVD ISO is available at:

    Simply burn, boot your server, and follow the instructions. Hope this helps…

  13. Hi Stephen,

    Many Thanks for the advise. Will give it a try and update you the results.


  14. Hi Stephen,

    Update was successfully completed automatically using the downloaded file that was burn to CD.

    Many Thanks for the advise.


  15. I purchased a DL360 G5 off ebay with motherboard 435949-001 I also purchased two 5420 quad core procs after installing them the system never boots and fans run at full speed. Is there a bios update that with fix this or does this motherboard not support this proc?


  16. Hi Neil,

    I haven’t had a chance to confirm that, but I heard that it might support the processor. I would go ahead and download the latest Firmware Maintenance CD and update the firmware/BIOS of the server to see if it helps.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  17. How do you know which motherboard you have without opening up the server ?

  18. Hi Slip,

    As far as I know you need to open the server to identify the motherboard part number…


  19. Hi There thanks for the great article, for those that asked about 436066-001 and the fans just running at full speed and nothing else happens, This IS due to the Firmware being too low, how I got around this is to put in a dual core processor that is supported and then upgrading the Firmware (I used FWDVD 10.10-0) and once complete put in you Quad and your good to go.
    Hope this helps someone as I know when it happened to me had to work out how to get it going.

  20. Stephen, thank you very much for this info, it helped me a lot. Also I would like to thank to Rodney to share his experience which was exactly the same as mine. I just purchased old HP DL360 G5 with one Xeon 5050 and wanted to upgrade to two quadcore. There is problem with getting latest firmware from HP. They make download available only to those who have extended warranty running. Fortunately Google found this link ( from where I have downloaded file with FW update DVD ISO. At first I have bought L5430 and it didn’t work, so I thought the L5430 isn’t supported, but it was just old BIOS causing full speed non start issue. So I bought two L5420 but the problem was the same. Once updated BIOS all went just fine. My motherboard is 436066-001. Side note: If you put L5430 and L5420 together in the server, server runs fine, but reads L5430 as L5420 instead. Thanks again!

  21. Daniel Barta thank you so much i was looking for this everywhere as i have a somewhat similar issue to yours. i bought the e5450 quad core processor but the fan would just run and nothing on the montitor. did a bit of googling and found out that i may need to upgrade the firmware as the processor is definitely supported, however if you go to HP Site they request that you have a warranty etc so your link will be very helpful i hope.

    keep up the good work.

  22. Thanks for your directions. I ordered the part # listed here on ebay for $27.00 and have a working 8 core beastie (abeit an old one!).

    Thanks for your information.


  23. […] I find a blog post from Stephen Wagner that leads me into some quick research to find out I got lucky. The motherboard on this box […]

  24. Just to let you know, the DL360 G5 id 435943-001 also support 54xx quadcores cpus.
    had a E5335 and with the fw update supported two E5450

  25. Better late than never, but I got one of those DL360 G5 servers for free today and was wondering about upgrading the (currently single) CPU to 2 more beefy ones. Seems like I’m in luck, because this DL360 G5 came with a 435949-001 motherboard and it already had a Xeon E5420 quadcore installed, so it definitely supports those, but may need a BIOS update to do so 😀

  26. Oh and as for the heatsink question that was raised almost a full decade ago: the E5420 quadcore that was installed in my DL360 G5 is a heatpipe model with a thick and heavy copper baseplate (coated so it looks like steel). Looking at google images there seems to be a simpler extruded aluminum version of the heatsinks for the dualcore models that probably won’t be able to keep up with a quad.

    My heatsink has several stickers with differing part numbers on it so I’m just gonna list all of them 😛
    Simple white sticker on the top: HP part number 410749-001
    Simple white “replace with HP spare SPS heatsink” sticker on one side: 412210-001

    The Xeon E5420 CPU sticker is also on there in case anyone’s curious: part number 455274-004 replace with spare part # 460491-001
    No need to get a HP part though, just search for intels sspec code “SLANV” on ebay or wherever
    (or SLANQ for the E5450 3GHz which I’m planning to put two of in this thing)

  27. Does anyone happen to still have the firmware to update the dl360 g5. I have tried the links about but both were dead.



  28. Hi Dickie,

    Once you log on to the HPe support portal and choose the server. You should be able to download the SPP which will include the firmware.


  29. Stephen,

    How do you go about getting the bios update without a contract on the device, I had bought it used a few years ago. I did log in and was asked for contract info, which I do not have, is there any other way to get the bios update?


  30. Sorry, but unfortunately you need an active support contract to get access to items/files that require entitlement.

  31. Guys I had a same problem but I fould solution. This link will make the quad-core processors work and you dont have to sign in to HP.

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