Jun 272012

Well, it’s official. I am now a happy owner of two Raspberry Pi computers.

I’m busy tinkering away but I just wanted to upload some pictures and videos. I will be creating a separate post outlining what I’m hoping to accomplish with these little devices, so stay tuned!

Scroll to the bottom of this post for videos!

Element 14 shipping package (origina Toronto, Ontario)RS Electronics Box containing Raspberry Pi and 4GB SD Card










Two Raspberry Pi's in their shipping boxes (Left Element14, Right RS Electronics)Two Raspberry Pi on their electro-static wrappers.











Raspberry Pi hooked upRaspberry Pi









Raspberry Pi in operationRaspberry Pi turned On











The workbench for Raspberry Pi development












And here is a few videos of the first couple boots:

First Boot (Text Boot Image)


Second Boot (Graphic XFCE Image)


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  1. I just received mine to replace my car stereo. Been trying to figure out how to make the Pi talk to the iBus. Have you tried this?

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