Aug 232013

Most of you have heard about Shaw’s announcement in the past regarding their new Fiber to the Curb, or Fiber to the Premise offering, however for some reason there are no pictures, or documented customers that actually claim to have this service.

Well, I can officially say that one of my clients now has the Fiber to the Premise offering for businesses.

This all started out with me being brought on board to provide them with Managed Services. One of the main problems we’ve been having is with the current internet connection (I’m not going to mention who provides it) and how horrible the speeds and reliability are. One of my first initiatives was to see if there was any alternatives. Unfortunately, due to their location (The Foothills Industrial Area), Shaw coax was not available. I sourced out numerous other providers and we were just about to switch to a wireless internet service provider, until I decided to call Shaw one last time a week before we pulled the trigger.

To my surprise, they mentioned they just launched their Fiber offering for small businesses. The offering provided their basic coax internet service tiers and pricing, however it was provided over fiber. This is EXTREMELY attractive due to the reliability, and pricing! We had the option to go all the way to the Business Internet 250 package. Higher products were available, however these were way more expensive, included SLAs, and just wasn’t what we needed. My client opted for the Business Internet 100 package.

This morning the Shaw guys showed up, quickly brought the fiber in to the office, mounted the equipment, and we were up in running in no time (and as always they were EXTREMELY friendly, clean, and took care in setting everything up). I love Shaw for those of you who don’t know…

Anyways, here’s some pics! I’ll update this post in a week or two with average speeds.

Shaw Fiber Drop

Shaw Fiber Drop

The above picture, is the first device the Fiber plugs in to. I don’t know it’s exact purpose, but I believe it provides Shaw’s coax network over the fiber line. The coax cable then went to a Shaw Home Phone Cable modem for 2 phone lines. I believe the device also repeats, and provides a fiber connection to the Shaw Fiber modem as pictured below.

Shaw FTTP Fiber Modem

Shaw FTTP Fiber Modem

  5 Responses to “Shaw FTTP (Fiber to the Premise) Business Install”

  1. Not sure if you can but can you provide speedtests and traceroutes of this connection?

  2. Haven’t done any full proper speedtests yet, but as of right now on downloads from major companies, we are hitting 8.3MB/s to 10.2MB/s…

    Host name actually refers to Shaw’s bigpipe network, instead of their traditional shawcable hostnames which are used on coax biz connections.

    I’ll see what I can do to post some info up! So far loving the connection!

  3. Stephen,

    What part of the Foothills? Just some crossroads if you don’t mind. I was told we had no service from Shaw in the Foothills… Our area is 72nd Ave.



  4. Glenmore and 52nd street!

  5. Jon,

    Just an update. The trace routes reflects Shaw’s big pipe network…

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