Jul 302016

I have identified and confirmed with 2 different HPE MSA 2040 SANs an issue with SMTP notifications. I’ve identified the issue with multiple firmware versions (even the latest version as of the date of this article being written). The issue stops e-mail notifications from being sent from the MSA 2040 when the SAN is configured with some SMTP relays. This issue also occurs on HPE MSA 2050 arrays, as well as HPE MSA 2052 arrays.

The main concern is that some administrators may configure the notification service believing it is working, when in fact it is not. This could cause problems if the SAN isn’t regularly monitored and if e-mail notifications alone are being used to monitor its health.


-MSA 2040 (2050/2052) Dual Controller SAN configured with SMTP notifications

-SMTP destination server configured as EXIM mail proxy (in my case a Sophos UTM firewall)


-Test notifications are not received (even though the MSA confirms OK on transmission)

-Real notifications are not received

-Occasionally if numerous tests are sent in a short period of time (5+ tests within 3 seconds), one of the tests may actually go through.

Events and Logs observed:

/var/log/smtp/2016/06/smtp-2016-06-20.log.gz:2016:06:20-20:44:29 SERVERNAME exim-in[16539]: 2016-06-20 20:44:29 SMTP connection from [SAN:CONTROLLER:IP:ADDY]:36977 (TCP/IP connection count = 1)

/var/log/smtp/2016/06/smtp-2016-06-20.log.gz:2016:06:20-20:44:29 SERVERNAME exim-in[18615]: 2016-06-20 20:44:29 SMTP protocol synchronization error (input sent without waiting for greeting): rejected connection from H=[SAN:CONTEROLLER:IP:ADDY]:36977 input=”NOOP\r\n”


To resolve this issue, I tried numerous things however the only fix I could come up with, is configuring the SAN to relay SMTP notifications through a Exchange 2013 Server. To do this, you must create a special connector to allow SMTP relaying of anonymous messages (security must be configured on this connector to stop SPAM), and further modify security permissions on that send connector to allow transmission to external e-mail addresses. After doing this, e-mail notifications (and weekly SMTP reports) from the SAN are being received reliably.

Additional Notes:

-While in my case the issue was occurring with EXIM on a Sophos UTM firewall, I believe this issue may occur with other E-mail servers or SMTP relay servers.

-Tried configuring numerous exceptions on the SMTP relay with no effect.

-Rejected e-mail messages do not appear in the mail manager, only the SMTP relay log on the Sophos UTM.

-Always test SMTP notifications on a regular basis.

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  1. Ha, it’s funny because I identified the same email issue with my HP MSA 2040 last week.
    The notification emails come through the SMTP relay but the weekly log emails do not.
    I am using the Server 2012 built in relay service.
    I’ve only had one log email come through but the attachments were unreadable.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I know, it’s kind of a big issue… I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t been fixed.

    As far as the weekly reports go, do you have them turned on? By default I don’t think they are.


  3. Stephen,

    Yes I turned the weekly reports on, and they are not coming through.
    Also I do not have an exchange server as we use Google for our email, so I’m kind of between a rock and a hard place at the moment.
    I guess I have to log into the device and check the logs manually.

  4. Hi Dave,

    Does your ISP have an SMTP relay that it allows it’s customers to use?

    The trick is to keep trying different SMTP Servers or Relays that you have access to, until you find one that works! 🙂

    I’m actually super thankful that it worked with Exchange, I was lucky that it was an easy work-around for me!


  5. do we know if this has been resolved yet? as we don’t have exchange only an internal smtp relay server.

  6. I used postfix instead of exim, the problem has been resolved.

  7. Hi Naoki,

    Thanks for letting us know! This information will help others!


  8. Still an issue today with latest firmware (GL225R003)

  9. Hello all,

    it seems, there is the same problem with HPE ILO…


  10. Yeah, it seems that it doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t even send a shred of a packet to anywhere. That’s a real shame. Like a real one. The firmware of every part of the system is up to date btw.

  11. Hi

    We are experiencing the same issue with HP MSA 2052. What gives? We are using exchange 2010 anonymous relay receive connector. Also tried free smtp2go open relay.

    None of them works!!! What gives??

    We are on the latest firmware

  12. OK

    I think I found the answer and it is SO STUPID. Thank you HP for making simple things so difficult!

    I configured out exchange 2010 to allow relaying and tested it successfully using a different server. Then I went to HP MSA 2052 and configured notification but it refused to work. Here is how I fixed it

    1. If you are making a change under MSA notification screen; click on APPLY first before clicking on “test” button
    2. here is the answer to this whole problem. At least for me. Under MSA notifications settings; you must choose “critical, error, warning, resolved, informational” > Ensure that it is applied > click on “Send Test Event” = Success

    If you choose any option other than “critical, error, warning, resolved, informational” then your test will fail.

    Set it back to “critical, error, warning” and save it when you are happy with test results. I wish I can paste screen shots but I can’t.


    Thank you all

  13. Wow, simply amazing! Same issue here, pulling my hair out trying to get a test email. set it to ….., informational and I get the test email. Mikey, are you saying that you are now receiving critical, error, warning, resolved emails properly after changing it from …,…, informational?



  14. Hi

    Correct. Setting the option to “critical, error, warning, resolved, informational” will allow the test emails to go through and work properly. Assuming that you have setup a server such as exchange to allow relaying.

    I did forget to mention that we have the latest & greatest firmware too.

    This is so stupid and beyond idiotic……


  15. Thank you, Mikey! I was also banging my head against this one. Never had to do this with my HP P2000 or 2012i arrays. The test used to work on any setting. This is dumb.

  16. yes, thanks a lots, I try selecting all event, and instantly work fine.

  17. ffs! Wasted half a day on this! and this was the fix.

  18. Hello all,

    we just received our new MSA 2052 and encountered the same bug with SMTP alerts.
    The solution was simple enough, you have to enable alerts up to the informational level in order to receive test alerts, because they are generated as informational alerts.
    This is stupid though, when you test alerts with the “test button”, it should override any setting one might have configured on the notification level.

    It will be reported to HPE for future consideration.

  19. I had to disable “force smtp protocol synchronization” in exim to allow relaying because of this error message:
    SMTP protocol synchronization error (input sent without waiting for greeting): rejected connection from H=[***] input=”NOOP\r\n”

    Then it worked.
    I never got it to work with Exchange tho.

  20. Thank you Mikey, spent far too long trying to get the test email to work

  21. Cheers Mikey :), only spent whole day on it !

  22. Thank’s Mikey for the solution ! it’s a ****** problem !

    Thank’s Stephen for the article.

  23. thanks for this. it worked!

  24. thx mikey, can’t really believe it, but works 🙂 ….

    have the “same” problem with ilo4, there is no way to adjust notification level… Any suggestions ?


  25. Haha same issue here. Thanks Mikey!

    @Manuel, that should be a different issue. Check your SMTP-server

  26. Thank for sharing this information. I’ve the same problem with my MSA 2050. It is not able to send notification email through my external smtp…so the only solution is to build an smtp relay in the same subnet of the MSA?

  27. Hi Ste,

    That’s not the only solution, and it’s not necessarily a solution either. You need to use an SMTP relay that’s compatible with the MSA unit.


  28. I have a HPE MSA 1050. Notifications configured with Exchange 2016 relay.

    Had to set the notification level to “critical, error, warning, resolved, informational” as the others mentioned to get the test working. Wasted half a day until I found this article.
    Running latest July 2020 firmware.

  29. WOW guys you are awesome! I searched the whole internet and only this page contains the solution! Thank you so much!

    P.S. Stupid HP it is 2021 already damn it, could you fix it already or be little bit more “informative”?!

  30. Thanks,
    It is 19-6-2021 and I just upgraded our new MSA 2050 with the lastest firmware. I thought the problem was a firmware error, but the Issue still exists: you can only sent test-emails with the notification level set to “critical, error, warning, resolved, informational”.
    This costed me 1,5 hours, but happily I found this site!

  31. Thanks Mikey, you’re a legend!!! Like others I too wasted half a day hunting about for a fix . Daft that it’s still a bug/issue >3 years later.

  32. Thanks, We have wasted a lot of time today too. We only wanted to get a new 2050 with newest firmaware running! As Seano says > 3 years later.

  33. How I can change Notifications level on MSA 2060 please ?

  34. Hi Laurent,

    There should be a setting inside of the SMU that allows you to configure the notification trigger level you’d like to receive. I could be wrong, but I think you can choose critical, warning, and possibly even informational (although this might not be selectable).


  35. Thank you for this, changed in info and it worked…
    Thanks HP

  36. Hey Mikey, thank you so much, didn’t make sense.


  37. Thank you so much. You saved my day

  38. Thanks Mikey! All these years on you are still a life saver! 😀

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