Sep 082016

If you’re like me, you probably have your Microsoft account configured the same as your e-mail address. While many people use or addresses, some of us prefer to use our actual real e-mail addresses as Microsoft account logins.

Recently, I did a fresh install of Windows 10 on my Microsoft Surface Pro. After joining the Surface to my domain, and attached my Microsoft account, I went to add my Exchange account (which is the same e-mail address I use for my Microsoft account). When trying to add, I was presented with:

There’s already an account set up to use <e-mail address>. (Account Name)

This message stopped me from configuring my Exchange account with the Windows 10 Mail, Calendar, and People apps. Researching this, I noticed numerous other people reporting this problem on multiple forums, however no one had a fix.

It appears there is a conflict with the Microsoft Account (which of course has it’s own mail, calendar, and contacts), and a separate account with the same e-mail address.

To resolve this, I restarted the machine, and logged in using a different account. I then went to “System” under control panel, “Advanced System Settings”, “Advanced” tab, then “Settings” under “User Profiles”. I then proceeded to delete the user profile and restart the system. I confirmed the user profile was fully deleted and then logged back in. Now at this point, the key is to create the Exchange (or any other mail account) before you actually attach your Microsoft account to your system login account. By configuring the e-mail account first, it will avoid this issue.

PLEASE NOTE: By deleting your user profile, you delete all of the contents of the Desktop, My Documents, Music, Pictures, settings, etc… I’d only recommend this if you have either backed up, or are performing this on a fresh install where you currently don’t have any files.

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  1. I resolved this and I didn’t have to remove the entire user. It’s super easy.
    Here’s what I did:
    1. Log in as the user for which you’re trying to set up email.
    2. Go to User Accounts in the control panel, and then select “Make changes to my account in PC settings”
    3. In the next screen, on the left of the window, click “Email & app options”
    4. At the top of the next screen is Email, Calendar and Contacts. Below that should be a list of email accounts that are set up for that user.
    5. Click on the account you wish to fix, and then click the “Manage” button that appears.
    6. Account settings appear. You can change the settings, or delete it, at which point you can add it in the Mail application.

  2. KJ Henkelman – Can you please explain #6 a bit more. you can change settings…. what settings need to be changed? Does the account actually have to be deleted in order to add it in the mail application?

  3. Actually it’s simpler than that, so basically all you need to do is go to [ Settings > Accounts > Email & app accounts ] and remove the obvious account under Email, calendar, and contacts. Now open up the Mail app again and add your account. Done!

  4. Hi Simon,

    This worked for me the first time, however numerous times after it wouldn’t work. Even with no accounts created, it would still say that one exists (because of the Microsoft account).


  5. Thank you, Stephen! That finally helped. After wasting hours on this as well. 🙁

  6. while things are quite different for me
    I managed to sign in with one yahoo mail and it all goes well on mail
    the trouble happens when I add another yahoo mail on
    I check that mail setting on website and removed all possible connection with others
    still same as before
    but my Microsoft account is same as 1st one, it all goes well for the mail

  7. Really glad to have found this after days of searching and nothing else working; it pointed me in the right direction to find a solution! I think it’s correct that the Windows account (eg Hotmail) gets in the way of allowing other email accounts to be set up. So, I went into Settings; Email and Accounts; Manage; Change Mailbox Sync Settings – here there were three check boxes next to Email, Calendar and Contacts (different to the info options on other email accounts). I just unticked them, pressed ‘Done’ – came out of that. Found I could then add other accounts with no hassles – then just went back into that account and ticked the boxes again. Job done!

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