Mar 192020
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After installing the VMware Horizon Agent on a Physical PC, you may have noticed some issues with USB redirection, audio, and hardware redirection. These issues include not working, or not working in it’s entirety.

On a few occasions I’ve had readers reach out to inform me that they are experiencing these issues. Most recently a reader by the name of “Sascha” reached out and reported issues with audio, particularly the microphone not functioning or being redirected from the VMware Horizon View Client to the Physical PC.

The Fix

In Sascha’s case (along with the other readers), we troubleshot the issue and realized that in each and every case the problem was due to the use of a Windows 10 Profesional license being used. As per the VMware Horizon release notes, a Windows 10 Enterprise license must be used when installing the Horizon Agent on a Physical PC.

Once Sascha and the other users upgrades or installed a Windows 10 Enterprise license, the issues stopped immediately.

This is another reminder that you need an Windows 10 Enterprise license when installing the Horizon Agent on a Physical PC.

  10 Responses to “Audio and hardware redirection issues with Horizon Agent installed on Physical PC”

  1. This is totally asinine if true. The whole point of the Horizon client is to let people use the VMWare Virtual Desktop Interfaces on computers NOT necessarily at work. If they are at work on a Window computer the likelihood of needing to get on a VDI from there is tiny. They would either have a thin client (aka not windows) or they would already be on their own Windows machine. I don’t know anyone who runs Windows 10 Enterprise at home or anywhere outside of work.

  2. Hi Jeffery,

    The host instance (that you connect to) requires Windows 10 Enterprise, not the connecting client. Hope that clears things up.


  3. Yeah this is what I thought.

    From their website.
    OS Version
    Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit

    Service Pack or Servicing Option
    Version 1909 SAC
    Version 1903 SAC
    Version 1809 SAC
    Enterprise 2019 LTSC
    Enterprise 2016 LTSC

    Supported Editions
    Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, Enterprise, Internet of Things (IoT) Enterprise, and Education

  4. I am connected to Windows 7 and it has always worked until about three days ago.

  5. Unless you mean IF you’re connected to Windows 10 it has to be enterprise edition. If so that just seems ridiculous on VMWares part as well.

  6. If you use the special capability to install the agent on a physical PC, a requirement is Windows 10 Enterprise due to the technical requirements needed to establish a session. That’s a special feature that was recently released.

    If you’re using the Horizon Agent in the normal and most commonly used traditional deployment, the licensing requirement is governed by Microsoft’s licensing terms and what they describe as acceptable use for VDI/VDA as well as supported versions specified by VMware.

  7. We are having the same issue as above. Are you saying that we would need the physical device to be loaded with windows 10 Enterprise as well as the VM / VDI running Windows 10 Enterprise also?

  8. Hello, same issue here but with windows 10 enterprise this time and still, sound doesn’t work anymore on my physical desktop (where the horizon agent is installed). I have to reboot the machine to get the sound back.

  9. I have a contractor with the same issue which started at 9 am yesterday. The laptop he is using is windows 10 enterprise. He can hear me but no audio within the VDI using a web browser or Horizon client. He can use Teams locally with the laptop to chat with other team members but as soon as he opens our VDI audio is lost. This is the first of over 400 users to see this issue.

  10. Hi Kevin,

    Glad you found the post, hope it helped!


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