May 142021

Welcome to Episode 02 of The Tech Journal Vlog at

In this episode

What I’ve done this week

  • 10ZiG Unboxing (10ZiG 4610q and 10ZiG 6110)
  • Thin Client Blogging and Video Creation
  • VDI Work (Instant Clones, NVME Flash Storage Server)

Fun Stuff

  • HPE Discover 2021 – June 22 to June 24 – Register for HPE Discover at
  • Firewall with 163 day uptime and no updates?!?!?
  • Microsoft Exchange Repeated Pending Reboot Issue
  • Microsoft Exchange Security Update KB5001779 (and CU18 to CU20)

Life Update

  • Earned VMware vExpert Status in February!
  • Starlink in Saskatchewan, Alberta (Canada)
    • VDI over Starlink, low latency!!!
    • Use Cases (Oil and Gas Facilities, etc)

Work Update

  • HPE Simplivity Upgrade (w/Identity Store Issues, Mellanox Firmware Issues)

New Blog Posts

Current Projects

  • 10ZiG 4610q Thin Client Content
  • 10ZiG 6110 Thin Client Content
  • VMware Horizon Instant Clones Guides and Content

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  1. Thanks for sharing the info Stevo. Always good insights.

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