Jun 222024

I hope that you’ll have a chance to Join me at VMware Explore 2024 this year!

VMware Explore 2024, is being held at the Venetian and Palazzo in Las Vegas, on August 26 to 29th, 2024.

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Register here for VMware Explore 2024!

VMware Explore is one of my favorite, and most important annual conferences for a number of reasons.


Through technology we make friends, connections, and friendships with those in our community. Chances are, you’ll see all your favorite people and that community, at VMware Explore.

You’ll have the chance to catch up with communities like VMUG (VMware User Group), the vExpert community, the vCommunity and I’m sure even some folks from World of EUC (like myself).

Additionally, you’ll get to network with like minded people passionate about the technology, experts in the field, and a diverse group of individuals from all over the world.


I can’t say how important the technical sessions are…

The sessions at VMware Explore help you learn in so many ways:

  • Learn about products you have interest in, but no experience
  • Learn more about the products you’re familiar with, become an expert!
  • Have a chat and dialogue with Product Managers, Presenters, and Staff about the solutions you work with, or are curious about
  • Catch up with and connect with experts (like vExperts)!

You can also save on certification by getting certified and taking exams at VMware Explore at a 50% discount!


As the President and Owner of Digitally Accurate Inc. (a VMware and Broadcom Partner), attending this conference is crucial as it allows me to connect with customers, vendors, and VMware/Broadcom staff.

Deals get done, laughs are had, and these interactions really help advance and move business forward.

You get to have fun

And don’t forget, this event is FUN! There’s numerous events and parties that are held by vendors and community programs (such as vCommunity, VMUG, and more).

I highly recommend you keep your eyes glued to Discord, Slack, E-Mails, and the web to find the invite links to all the parties. Ask around!

Join me at VMware Explore 2024

With all that said, I hope to see you there!

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