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My company and I are always looking for new opportunities!

Feel free to contact me:

Stephen Wagner

Digitally Accurate Inc.

(403) 668-0862



Looking for:

-Contract Work

-To provide Managed Services

-To provide IT Solutions, Services, and Support

-To provide Hardware/Software Procurement

-To provide advising and/or consulting services

-Business relationships

-New business opportunities



-Management (and Project Management)





-Technical Skills (Please see: http://www.digitallyaccurate.com/services.php for examples)

-Technical Experience (Windows, OSX, Linux, Network Infrastructure, Vendor Specific (HP, MS, SAP), SBCs, various topics discussed on my blog).

-To be continued


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  2 Responses to “Hire Me”

  1. I have been in need of some IT support and saw your site. Can you let me know your rates and if your available for remote help on my Small Business Server 2011, Exchange 2010 Server 2008R2. Need help with several issues, TBD.

    Thank you,

    Contact me anytime at 502 643-6119.

    Sarah Roberts
    New Albany IN

  2. like your info on Astaro , I have been using it for years , just setup a red 50 for a client 🙂

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