Mar 192015

So I picked up my new Lenovo X1 Carbon 2015 Gen3 laptop yesterday, and I absolutely LOVE it… I’ve been waiting for it to come in for a couple months now, and wanted to add WWAN as it wasn’t available as a preconfigured unit with the WWAN built in.

The unit I purchased was the 20BS0035US part number, which essentially is fully loaded with the exception of WWAN.

One big things for me is that I need to have LTE availability as I hate using USB data sticks. I did a bunch of research, and while waiting I went ahead and ordered the Sierra Wireless card that you can order as a configure to order.

I called IBM parts and placed an order for FRU Part# 04X6014 (Sierra Wireless Gobi5000 EM7345). When I received the laptop yesterday, I opened it to install the module, and thankfully the unit DID ship with the WWAN atennas built in. Installed the card, connected the antennas (orange is the main), popped in a SIM card and I was good to go!

The WWAN module is working great with Rogers on LTE in Canada!

Again, this laptop is SLICK!

For those of you that want to add it, place an order for the FRU Part# 04X6014. IBM notified me that this is a Wi-Fi adapter, however I can confirm this is in fact a WWAN adapter.

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  1. hi

    I have the X! carbon gen1 with 3g card. will it work in Canada with rogers

  2. Hi Rav,

    Unfortunately I don’t know what card they used in that generation, nor do I know if they are locked.

    You’ll need to find out what frequencies the card uses, and also if it’s locked.


  3. hi Stephen, just bought mine second hand i.e. gen 3 Carbon X1 (he he he else too expensive) – exactly the same and will have the same Gobi 5000 delivered soon via Aliexpress- would you be so kind to tell me the URL – of a video which shows how to install the module ? I will appreciate much of your help

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