May 082018

Recently a customer of mine who is using an outdated version of Intuit QuickBooks on their Terminal Server (RDS Remote Desktop Services) started to experience an issue when users attempted to log on. QuickBooks would initialize, then prompt the TLS 1.2 warning message, and then completely crash. This would prevent the users from doing any tasks.

In an effort to troubleshoot this, I tried to use different accounts, checked the QBW.ini file for any flags that could dismiss this message, tried Intuit’s “TLS preparedness tool” (which still scares me because I have no idea what system changes it made on the server), etc… All of these attempts had no effect on the issue.

For a temporary workaround, you’ll need to load up QuickBooks on a workstation (not using terminal services). You’ll need to open the datafile, select “Do Not Show this again”, and then close. You’ll need to do this for each datafile. Please note that if you do not receive the prompts on other datafiles, you’ll need to open the datafile with a different Quickbooks username (QB account, not Windows account) in order to get it to prompt.

This issue should only occur on older versions of Quickbooks when using TS/RDS. To officially resolve this issue, I recommend upgrading to a more recent (and in support) version of Quickbooks.

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  1. This not same case, but similar.

    We have 3 servers, one Windows 2012 R2 with QB2018 Database Manager with the data.

    Second server Windows 2016 AD DNS

    Third Windows 2016 used specifically for RDS (Terminal Services)

    Local users work work just fine no problems until someone logs into RDS/TS to use QB2018. Once that happens local users freeze up until That person completely logs out of QB2018 then the remote connection closed.

    Been having this problem since QB2018 Intuit specifically does not support RDS/TS, So for the past 2 years we have been struggling with this issue.

    I am getting ready for the end of year and hoping to change a few things hoping to resolve the issue.
    Home Lab working with the same setup though using VMs has the same results. I will post if I ever find the issue, but upgrading to the next level of Application sometimes does resolve issues, but brings on new ones with QuickBooks.

  2. Hi Masaaki,

    It should work just fine on RDS as long as the environment was setup and configured properly. I’ve never seen that behavior in multiple environments.

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