May 182019
VMware Horizon View Mobile Client Android Windows 10 VDI Desktop

Since I’ve installed and configured my Nvidia GRID K1, I’ve been wanting to do a graphics quality demo video. I finally had some time to put a demo together.

I wanted to highlight what type of graphics can be achieved in a VDI environment. Even using an old Nvidia GRID K1 card, we can still achieve amazing graphical performance in a virtual desktop environment.

This demo outlines 3D accelerated graphics provided by vGPU.

Demo Video

Please see below for the video:


Demo Specifications

  • VMware Horizon View 7.8
  • NVidia GRID K1
  • GRID vGPU Profile: GRID K180q
  • HPE ML310e Gen8 V2
  • ESXi 6.5 U2
  • Virtual Desktop: Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Game: Steam – Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Please Note

  • Resolution of the Virtual Desktop is set to 1024×768
  • Blast Extreme is the protocol used
  • Graphics on game are set to max
  • Motion is smooth in person, screen recorder caused some jitter
  • This video was then edited on that VM using CyberLink PowerDirector
  • vGPU is being used on the VM

  4 Responses to “VDI 3D Graphics and Game Demo – Horizon, GRID, vGPU”

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  2. Hi Stephen

    Just stumbled across this great article whilst doing some research around moving our digital academy faculty to VDI, we would be looking to move around 100+ concurrent users onto the platform and I am considering using Dell vxRail with NVIDIA RTX8000 cards, do you think this would provide a sufficient experience for our end users? We would scale out the node count accordingly, very impressed with the CSGO demo you provided so I am feeling a little more confident now.

    I often come across your articles and I would just like to say, keep up the good work.

    Many thanks


  3. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the compliment on the post, I love feedback!

    Horizon with GPU acceleration is absolutely amazing! That demo you saw actually looked way better in person, the choppiness was actually caused by the screen recorder on the laptop being not able to keep up with the FPS of the Horizon session. To top all this off, the demo was with an old card like the Grid K1. I actually have a newer AMD S7150 x2 on it’s way which should be arriving early next week, I’m looking forward to doing a write-up and a couple videos on that so stay tuned! And subscribe to my YouTube channel as I’ll be posting some videos:

    As for the sizing and solution design for your environment, I can’t really comment as I’m unfamiliar with the specific environment. A whole bunch of things come in to play such as power, heat, user applications, GRID licensing, vGPU modes, vGPU vs vSGA, power users vs standard users, verified configurations, etc. Also, while I am semi-familiar with the Dell vxRail platform, I’ve never actually worked with any VDI deployments on it. If you’ve chosen Dell as your partner for this project, I’m sure Dell or your Dell partner should be able to properly size, spec, and configure a verified solution for you!

    If you have any other questions though, don’t hesitate in asking! Feel free to post any updates on your VDI rollout as well, as it might help other readers of the blog! 🙂


  4. HI Stephen

    Thanks for responding, as I said previously I find myself here quite often and I have to say your blog is very detailed and very informative.

    I have already started to spec the platform I am looking at and your confirmation that the experience you had is positive fills me with confidence that I am doing the right thing in virtualising our digital academy, this will give them real value when they can work on their projects from home with a normal spec device.

    Again, thank you for your informative blog and response, I will most certainly return back here and update you once I have completed the project and deemed it a success or failure, which I now doubt it will be.

    Many thanks


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